Ibiza amenities


The summer night-life in Ibiza is internationally famous. One of the most attractive aspects of the leisure scene is the wide variety of parties and events that take place on a nightly basis. This fact has placed the island at the vanguard of the latest musical trends on a world level, a must-visit for superstar DJs and celebrities who represent an important promotional focal point for the Ibiza tourist industry.




At sunset, the pre-parties begin, playing chill-out music or hosting appearances by top-ranking music groups of the highest artistic quality.

From the retro trends inspired by the colourful “flower power” movement so closely identified with the Ibiza Hippy scene to the most progressive and minimalist house music, passing through the whole range of dance music and its genres, our Ibiza nights ceaselessly satisfy the most demanding of clubbers.

The night-life is not only oriented towards frivolous consumerist fun, but also offers the possibility of combining fascinating walks through the historic old town of Dalt Villa, enjoying performances in the street by talented and professional groups of artists.

Possibly the IBIZA “brand” is too closely associated with the hedonistic night-life and its discotheques, but with good reason, because this fact distinguishes us from other tourist destinations, making the island one of the most attractive and cool tourist destinations in the whole of the Mediterranean, not to say the whole of the PLANET.