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Night life, Ibiza night life seduction

The nightlife of Ibiza is unparalleled.
The clubs of the island is known throughout the world because they are in the vanguard music for decades. But the night has other rooms in the Rue de la Virgen, a predominantly gay audience, in the port area of ​​La Marina with many bars and restaurants for all tastes, or the Plaza de Vila, where a dinner or a glass become a memorable about the impact of the Renaissance wall, under a blanket of stars.

In each and every one of the villages of the island is romantic and charming corners, as in Santa Gertrudis, where a drink or go shopping at midnight.
In Sant Josep, the majesty of the church came before the evening cocktails with live music in the garden or visit nearby scenic or open bars in San Antonio since the sun sets into the night Hasba with bars of all environments that line the promenade and the bay, to the heart of West End.

The night of Ibiza is as seductive as each may desire.

Gastronomic,From pastries to fresh products

Ibiza's gastronomy is characterized by the use of fresh, natural products, which are served with exceptional wines.

The sobrasada Ibiza, the 'botifarró', cheese or honey produced in the island itself concentrated intense flavors, like fruit and vegetables consumed at the time of ripeness and pass the tree to the table, keeping aroma, flavor and vitamins, something forgotten in the big cities.

Sweets, such as the 'flaó', the 'greixonera' or almond cupcakes, desserts are not missing in the homes of the island and in restaurants.


Medieval ibiza, Once again, an entertainment and cultural events ...

Ibiza Medieval Fair returns for another year, leisure and cultural event which each year gathers thousands of visitors over the three days of the festival.
The streets of Dalt Vila become a big outdoor theater full of jugglers, artists, bird trainers, artisans, jewelers, spice merchants, dancers or chocolate makers, who turn Dalt Vila in a vibrant spectacle and a fascinating mixture of colors, scents and flavors from various continents.
Highlights the extraordinary beauty of the Great Wall of Ibiza and around the fortified area, considered by UNESCO as the best preserved Mediterranean acropolis. Its impressive entrances and bastions welcome visitors and become the setting for concerts, and an extensive program of events taking place throughout the entire weekend, from morning to night.

The Medieval Fair is a date with history of the island and also a renewed commitment to this festive, cosmopolitan and multicultural has become a hallmark of Ibiza worldwide.

Ibiza medieval
Medieval Ibiza

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